"What are the details of the fishing boat?"

"Mac Attack" is a purpose built 9.4 metres long aluminium fishing machine which has been totally optimised to make fishing charters a pleasure. It has twin Suzuki motors notable for their quiet running and low exhaust emissions. The boat's island cab layout allows guests to circle around the entire vessel in safety.

Naturally "Mac Attack" is in full survey as required by the W.A. Government.

"What type of fish do you catch?"

It varies throughout the seasons. Species caught range from Black Snapper, Pink Snapper, Cobia, Mack Tuna, Mackerel varieties, Bluebone Groper, Coral Trout, Trevally, Tailor, Sharks and Mulloway.

"What is the best fishing time of year?"

One of the great thing about Shark bay is that we can offer you a top angling experience and good catches all year 'round.

"What about inexperienced anglers?"

No problem whatsoever. Lots of totally inexperienced people come out on our trips and many have gone on to become avid anglers as a result. They had the time of their life!

"Are children welcome?"

In a word "yes". In fact Sportfishing Safaris pride themselves on providing a wholesome, healthy and memorable outing for all types of guests. Our fishing adventures are thoroughly enjoyed by all participants regardless of their sex, age or cultural background.

"Do you catch anything else but whoppers?"

Sure we do. Our guests catch lots of good fish around two to five kilos. And if you don't want to tackle the really big stuff we'll rig you up appropriately.

"Do you provide fishing gear and Bait?"

Yes we provide quality overhead "Penn" rod and reel combos as well as all the bait.

"Any chance to cast saltwater flies or lures?"

Certainly. Our island cab configuration is particularly ideal for this type of fishing activity. However this is usually reserved for guests on our "Tailored Cruises". Note that this type of specialised gear is not provided by Sportfishing Safaris.

"What do we need to bring?"

Please bring a hat and jacket. All other requirements will be fully provided by Sportfishing Safaris.

"Can we bring our own Fishing gear?"

Of course it is quite permissible to bring your personal fishing gear if you would prefer.

"Can we bring along our own alcohol?"

Yes you're welcome to bring moderate amounts of beer or wine. A cooler box is not needed as we provide coolers and ice.

"What food and drinks are provided?"

Water is provided on all charters. BYO soft drinks and alcohol in moderation permitted. Lunch can be provided at an extra cost.

"Do you have a toilet on board?"

We have a chemical toilet in the cabin area with a satisfactory level of privacy.

"Are we required to book?"

It is highly recommended to book in advance, especially during school holidays. A 50% deposit is required to secure your booking for this very popular sporting adventure.

"What times do you depart and arrive home?"

Most fishing outings depart at 8.30 am and return by 4.30 pm.

"What's the boat's cruising speed"

It is comfortable cruising at speeds up to 25 knots. This means we can get you out to the hot spots with minimum loss of time.

"What are the minimum and maximum numbers?"

To keep faith with our patrons and avoid disappointment we will proceed with as few as four anglers on board. And in the very rare case of a cancelled trip due to unsuitable weather or other reason we of course promptly refund your payment. As to the maximum number per trip, we prefer not to exceed eight but we can in fact handle a single group booking up to 9 persons.

Note that "Mac Attack" is an island cab design. This means that it has both fore and aft cockpits with safe sunken gangways between. This is the perfect fishing configuration because it provides lots of fishing vantage points and the flexibility of movement when fighting a big fish.

"Do you accept Credit Cards?"

Yes we accept Bankcard, MasterCard and Visa.

"Is seasickness an issue?"

Firstly you have to remember that Shark Bay itself has very protected waters. Furthermore, we know the bay like the back of our hand and it's our business to ensure that you have a great outing without any unpleasant side effects. So unless you are amongst the top one percent on the susceptibility scale it shouldn't be an issue.

3-13 Knight Terrace,
Denham, Shark Bay WA 6537
Telephone: (08) 9948 1206
Mobile: 0428 777 109
Fax: (08) 9948 1206