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We have provided everything here at Shark Bay Cottages to make your stay something unforgettable. Settle in, take in a sunset and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Shark Bay.

Kick back in the hammock under the shady tree and read a book.

With great weather and views, outdoor living has become an extremely popular activity amongst our guests. Although the accommodation has full kitchen facilities, guests love outdoor living and the barbeque facilities prove a very popular option. This family friendly and well equipped barbeque area is ideal. Prepare yourself a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner, then sit down in this lovely outdoor setting for a truly relaxing meal with friends, family or other guests.

The locally built stone fireplace adds to the already great ambience and acts as a great meeting point for all guests. Whether it is families enjoying a meal around the fireplace or the kids enjoying toasting a marshmallow, the stone fireplace and charcoal grill is definitely something to take advantage of.

Outdoor BBQ Facilities

Marine Tour Charters and Fishing Charters

Have we mentioned our Marine tour charters and Fishing charters on our charter boat Mac Attack? Join us for the greatest fishing you're ever likely to experience. 

If its the wonders of the beautiful Indian Ocean you want to take in, spot a whale or a dolphin or try your hand at casting a line to reel in something special! You won't be dissapointed.

Whale watching and Island cruises to the infamous Dirk Hartog Island are also a specialty of ours. And don't forget Steep Point the most Western point of the Australian coastline.

Click here to take a look at the Mac Attack.

Mac Attack Fishing Charters

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